Publish Your Own Work


Schools and Colleges

Raise funds and impress Ofsted all in one process!

  1. Organise a project where a large number of students (for example a whole year group) each complete a written piece of work - for example a short story, poem, or writing on a particular theme.
  2. Arrange each piece of writing in your chosen order, into one Word or other wordprocessing file.
  3. Have the Art or IT department design a cover image.
  4. Email your text file and your cover file to Stepladder Publishing -
  5. We will format your file and convert it into a book, using your choice of font, layout, stye etc.
  6. Once you are satisfied with the look of your book, any number of copies can be ordered, at a specially discounted price.
  7. Encourage students and their families to order one or more copies, at your chosen price.
  8. Apart from a modest set-up fee, and postage, the difference is yours.
  9. Your students will feel the thrill of their first entry into a printed publication.
  10. Your school will gain positive pupils and proud parents; prestige and profit!

Individual Author

Written your own book and want to see it in print?

Here's what Stepladder Publishing can do for you.

  1. Email us a sample and a brief description of your work, - - so we can check that we can cover your genre.
  2. With our help you choose your own layout, fonts, styles and so on.
  3. We will sort out the appearance of your writing (but not edit the actual text), put in page numbers, table of contents, title page etc, to shape it into the correct format for a printed book and/or an ebook.
  4. We'll help you choose and design a book cover.
  5. For a printed book, we'll arrange for a copy of your new work to be sent to you, for you to check that it's exactly how you'd like it.
  6. Once you're happy, you'll be free to order as many copies as you wish, at the author's discounted price.
  7. We can't help you market your work, but we can help you find professionals who can.
  8. For an ebook, we upload the correct format to Amazon Kindle, where you'll soon see a return for your efforts!

Packages from as little as £75.