'Ourselves' Resource Pack

Information about the pack

Over 200 pages of printable resources, with 10 educational computer activites, this inclusive resource introduces the Stepladder Kids. These cool cartoon characters feature in the printable story book - 'Glad to be Me' and throughout many of the activities. The resources are designed to be age-free, so appropriate for older students working at the lower levels.

There are 15 Units of cross-curricular work on topics such as:

  • Family Trees
  • My Bedroom Plan
  • The Senses
  • Old and Young
  • Measuring and Comparing
  • Glad to be Me

Each unit contains up to 5 levels of differentiated work, with teacher's notes including teaching suggestions, learning objectives, and ideas of how to relate the topic to students using a sensory curriculum (for example students with PMLD, sensory impairments, or youngsters who have not had sufficient sensory experience). Some units have a song, a rhyme or a game to play, and all of the units are designed to bring a fun approach to learning for students of all ages and abilities up to around National Curriculum Level 2.

Watch the video - all this for the introductory price of just £49.

To order, use the contact form, or email me at jeannette@stepladderlearning.com