Jeannette Longworth has worked in the area of Special Needs Education for many years. She has worked with pupils from 2—19, as well as adults, with Moderate, Severe, Profound and Complex Learning Difficulties.

She is particularly aware that no two pupils have the same needs—they are all so individual in their strengths, challenges and preferences. Furthermore, each class is even more individual! Topics may be repeated, but rarely in quite the same way. For this reason, she has aimed to keep the materials as broad and varied as possible, in the hope that some of it will be useful to the individuals in your class!

Experience has also taught her that pupils of all ages and abilities need and enjoy a multisensory approach, which is why it forms such a significant part of the Stepladder Learning Packs.

Chris Wigmore graduated from Cambridge University with a Masters in Physics, and has used the computer skills he learned there (and in various projects undertaken since, see www.chriswigmore.co.uk) to help with the IT side of the Stepladder Learning project.

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